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From Pastor’s Desk

There is a reason for the decision you made to visit our website. This reason is divine, so do not think you stumble into it by accident. We celebrate God with you and pray that the Word of God delivered from this cyber experience becomes a testimony you can share with professional colleagues, friends, and relatives.

At Dominion Tabernacle, we make it a priority to teach and preach the Word of God with simplicity and practical approach to unlock the understanding of the new born in Christ and deepen the understanding of those that are rooted with a purpose to creating a set focus to improving man’s relationship with his maker and thus once applied, commands glorious results for individual daily lives.

We are committed to ensure that your soul is renewed, your spirit is revitalized, and your body equipped with fresh energy from the Word of God. We appreciate the time you have taken to receive a timely ministration of Gods Word that holds answers you may have been searching for. God bless you. Apostle Vincent & Rev Mrs.Abby Nwokolo.