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2625 Ridge Road, Lansing IL 60438


Core Values

Dominion Tabernacle  (DT) is a non-denominational church, located in the Northern sector of Chicago, Illinois, USA. DT is growing from faith to faith with members who steps out in love and faith, inspired and spiritually armed by the Holy Spirit to help others in their communities and across the world.


Our Core Values

We effectively minister to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The Lord values and loves every person without bias or discrimination; we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an inclusive message for men and women of all ethnicities, all ages, and all economic standing. The Bible clearly teaches there are no differences among those who are in Christ Jesus.



We work to demonstrate excellence in all that we do. Just as the Lord gave His best for us, we give honor and show respect for the Lord, His Kingdom, and His servants by giving our highest and best in every endeavor we undertake.



We are consistently generous in the giving of our time, talent and treasure. We believe love best describes the true nature of God. Love seeks to serve others. As we increasingly reflect His nature, we should naturally have a desire to give. At DT, we give our time, talent and our treasure, as the Lord has blessed us.


Strong Commitment

We value relationship with Christ, our families, each other and our community bearing in mind that the Gospel of Christ Jesus teaches reconciliation and peace. We minister to our families by setting Godly priorities; we believe healthy, happy families provide the ideal environment for successful lives; therefore, we teach practical scripturally-based principles and provide biblically sound tools for Godly success in our relationships.


Growth & Development

We continue to grow and develop as individuals, families, and collectively as a ministry. Our multiple methods include not only consistent, quality teaching in our regular services, but also small-group ministry. Small-group ministry provides a protected atmosphere of intimacy and closeness, and also allows the development of ministry gifts and callings. Our goal is for all believers to discover and passionately pursue the will and purpose of God for their lives.