"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which  God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."  
Ephesians 2:10

It is truly a great thing to serve the Lord in all humility and gladness of heart. 


Armor Bearers

The Armor Bearers are responsible for assisting the Generals of the church and serve to accompany and support them as needed.


Prayer Furnace

The Prayer Furnance team is on Fire with fresh annointing from God. Under the leadership of our Pastors, they support and back up our Generals in continous prayers and fasting for the church, the members, and the leadership.


Evangelism Team

The Evangelism team carries the banner for reaching those who don’t know Christ through community outreach and volunteer, marketing, and partnerships.


DTGM Choir

You will DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! With the powerful praise and worship time of the DTGM Choir expect to be lifted during any church service or event. With a wide range and selection of both worship and praise songs, their ministration keeps the congregation engaged and supports the ministration/message of our Pastors.


DTGM Ushers

DTGM Ushers are the first cheerful faces you see as the team organize, coordinate, and manage the crowd during every church service and event.


Visitation Team

The Visitation Team welcomes our new attendees by providing detailed information about DTGM, our Statement of Belief, as well as obtaining contact information to connect with us.


Men’s Department

The Men’s Ministry provides assistance to the church through assisting men to assume their spiritual and social roles within their respective families, the church, and the community.


Women’s Department

The Women’s Ministry provides assistance to the church through assisting women in prayer, support, and fellowship, as they assume their role within their respective families, the church, and the community.


Children's’ Ministry  (Age 13- UNDER)

DTGM Children’s Ministry uses cultural dance, bible recital, and song, as well as drama collaborations with the Youth Ministry, to minister to the congregation.


Youth Ministry (Age 14- UP)

DTGM Youth Ministry incorporates the use of skits, drama, dance, and song to minister to the congregation at different events through out the year.


Technical Team

The Technical Team of Dominion Tabernacle works with grace to ensure effective communication through sound control, projection, photography, video, and CD media, as well as social media communications.


Kitchen Team

Our Kitchen Team ensures the successful distribution of refreshments during church celebrations and major church events.


Sanitation Team

The sanitation Team operates diligently to make sure that the sanctuary and other areas of the church are kept clean at all times.


Protocol/Transportation Team

DTGM Transportation Team provides transportation for members, and for the movement of goods and equipment during church programs and events.


Picnic Team

“Moving Gospel” Picnic team plans, organizes, and executes the summer community outreach picnic filled with food, games, music, and entertainment, that takes place each July.